Side Event on Sub-regional Cooperation for Implementing the Global Waste Management Goals towards Addressing SDGs and NDCs in South Asia

Waste management is an issue of critical importance throughout the world, most notably in South Asia, which covers about 40% of the Asia’s population and 24% of the globe. South Asia generates approximately 334 million tonnes of waste per year of which 174 million tonnes (57%) is organic in content.

Waste Management in Sri Lanka

As a part of IGES Centre Collaborating with UNEP on Environmental Technologies (CCET) lecture series, CCET organized a lecture by Dr. Anurudda Karunarathna on municipal solid waste management in Sri Lanka at IGES Tokyo Sustainability Forum on 28th November 2018. Dr. Karunarathna is a senior lecturer in Environmental and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. He has been involved in various local, national and international projects on waste management including JICA projects in Sri Lanka.

Second Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on Development of National Strategy to Mitigate Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCP) from Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) in the Philippines

As part of the development of a national strategy to mitigate short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) from municipal solid waste management (MSWM) in the Philippines, a second focus group discussion (FGD) was organised under the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s Municipal Solid Waste Initiative (CCAC-MSWI) in Tagaytay city on 6-8 November 2018, inviting different stakeholders to join the workshop, including representatives from the National Solid Waste Management Commission (NSWMC), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the Climate Change Commission, as well as from aca

Live Event @ISAP2018: From Waste Management to Resource Management – Moving from Theory to Practice (ISAP 2018 Thematic Tracks 1)

Waste management has undergone a paradigm shift, moving from a focus on end-of-pipe solutions to integrated resource management. This continues to be discussed in the global policy arena, and it is featured in efforts including those aimed at promoting resource efficiency and sustaining growth within the limits of planetary boundaries. However, national and local governments in industrialising countries often face tremendous challenges in carrying out a resource-oriented approach to waste management.

8th Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific

Waste Management is one of the fast growing issues in developing countries. The sub-region of South Asia, which covers about 12% of the Asian continent or 3.5% of the world's land surface area, is no exception. It is home to about 1.8 billion people and generates approximately 50 million tonnes of waste per year of which 33 million tonnes (70%) is organic waste. This high percentage of organic waste is a unique aspect for developing management plans and treatment options.

22nd CityNet Japan Forum

On 21 February, the 22nd CityNet Japan Forum was organised by the CityNet Yokohama Project Office under the theme of “Tackling Solid Waste Management in Asia”. CCET's Programme Manager, Dr. D.G.J. Premakumara delivered a keynote presentation to provide an overview of waste management at both global and regional level, and  the need for effective waste management service in the cities in Asia-Pacific.


The Final Strategy Formulation Workshop for the Development of Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan of Phnom Penh

The Final Strategy Formulation Workshop for the Development of Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan of Phnom Penh was jointly organized on 9 January 2018 by Phnom Penh Capital Hall (PPCH), IGES-CCET, and Nexus for Development, marking an important milestone for the development of city’s waste management policy.