Consultative Meeting with Local Authorities on Rehabilitation of Waste Dumps in Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Environment & Wild Life Resources (MoE&WL), National Solid Waste Management Support Center (NSWMSC) and CCET jointly organized consultative meeting on development of rehabilitation guideline on waste dumps in Sri Lanka on 23rd of July 2020 at MoE&WL. The selected local authorities representing nine province in Sri Lanka, relevant ministries, organizations, institutions and academe joined the meeting to discuss the development of the guideline on rehabilitation of waste dumps.

Following are the main points agreed at the meeting:

  1. The content of the book was agreed upon, with the inclusion of definition for waste dumps and its categorization.
  2. It was agreed to provide technical details to improve waste disposal step wise up to sanitary landfill level in the booklet to minimize environmental pollution (Open dump – controlled dump – semi engineered landfill – engineered landfill).
  3. To circulate the draft among the stakeholders.
  4. To get representatives of two local authorities to serve in the main committee.
  5. Complete the booklet and translate it to two local languages and initiate training in the local authorities.
  6. Complete the activity by 31.12.2020.

Based on the discussion, the guideline is being drafted. The draft guideline would be presented at a technical meeting by first week of September 2020.

23 July 2020
Registration Deadline

Ministry of Environment & Wild Life Resources (MoE&WL) ​​​​​, Colombo, Sri Lanka 

  • Ministry of Environment & Wild Life Resources (MoE&WL)
  • National Solid Waste Management Support Center (NSWMSC)
  • IGES Centre Collaborating with UNEP on Environmental Technologies (CCET)
  • United Nations Environmental Programme - International Environmental Technologies Centre (UNEP-IETC)
Sinhala and English
Approximately 50

Agenda of the Programme
10.20 a m – 10.30 p m - Welcome and Objective of the meeting ( Actg. Director ( EPC&CM)
10.30 a m – 10.40 a m - Collaboration with IGES/CCET ( Dr Rajeev Sing)
10.40 a m – 11.00 a m - Issues of Local Authorities ( Representative of LA)
11.00 a m – 11.10 am - Legal requirements and improvement of waste disposal (DDG/ CEA)
11.10 a m - 12.00 noon - Proposed content of the Booklet ( Dr Anurudhdha Karunaratne)
12.00 noon – 1.00 p m - Views of the representatives of Local Authorities on the booklet
1.00 p m – 1.10 p m - The future directions on waste disposal ( AD/ Ministry ofProvincial Councils)
1.00 p m -2.00 p m - Views of other participants and way forward.
2.00 p m - Concluding Remarks