Building upon its expertise in resource and waste management, CCET is currently assisting UN Environment and its International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) to be a Global Centre of Excellence (COE) on Waste Management through providing scientific, technological and policy relevant knowledge, and enabling networking and collaboration with other domestic and international partners.

Since 2015, CCET has been providing technical assistance to the following activity domains, delivering projects in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC).

Strengthening Waste Management Policy and Institutional Building

Supporting the development and implementation of national and city level waste management strategies, action plans and pilot projects.

Working in close coordination with national/local governments and other relevant stakeholders, CCET is assisting with the development of national, city, and regional-level waste management strategies consistent with a holistic waste management approach, aimed at addressing solid, liquid and gaseous waste in an integrated and complementary manner. CCET does this by engaging in a consultative dialogue with key stakeholders, documenting good practices and lessons learned, thereby building an effective knowledge base for domestic and international outreach to assist IETC with its mission in Japan and abroad. The Centre is currently supporting governments of Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Myanmar (Mandalay), Maldives, Hyderabad (India), Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

Capacity Building and Implementation

Building capacity through development of knowledge products and education and training programme on waste management.

In cooperation with our partners, CCET is developing tools, methodologies and guidelines, and designing/conducting training courses customized to the needs of policy makers and practitioners, with the aim of improving planning and implementation of waste management operations on the ground.

These knowledge products are also contributing to capacity development of current and future waste management professionals through graduate curriculum on waste management developed by consortium of regional academic institutions, as well as IETC’s Knowledge Hub, an online platform developed to enhance information sharing and capacity building on holistic waste management.

Disseminating Impact and Networking

Conducting outreach and fostering partnerships in the region.

Through widening and strengthening collaboration with stakeholders, especially among local governments, civil society organizations, development institutions and private sector entities in the Asia-Pacific region, CCET is focusing on sharing and disseminating knowledge about workable policies, technologies, and financing mechanisms for improved waste management including through the organization of publicity events, exhibitions, and other relevant media and public relations work.