UNEP Global Dialogue 2021

Achieving a pollution-free planet through sustainable waste management

UNEP-IETC organized the UNEP Global Dialogue on Dec. 7-9, 2021 to discuss the latest global trends with experts, leaders, and practitioners of sustainable waste management. This year’s main theme was "Sustainable Waste Management towards a Pollution-Free Planet". 

On the second day of the event, Ms. Miho Hayashi, Programme Manager of IGES-CCET presented about the improvement of healthcare waste management in Nepal, taking a case at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. After the project intervention, the hospital was able to reduce the health risk caused by improper infectious waste management, to reduce the air pollution and greenhouse gas emission caused by the use of an incinerator and dumping of organic waste, and to increase the revenue by selling recyclables particularly plastic items after proper treatment. Establishment of two levels of working committees for waste management who plan and monitor the daily activities and continuous training for both healthcare workers and waste management operators contributed to the improvement. 


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December 8, 2021
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UNEP International Environment Technology Centre (UNEP-IETC)

Osaka City, Global Environment Centre Foundation, UNEP Sustainability Action


Ministry of the Environment / Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan 

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