COP26 Official UN Side Event


IGES-CCET will join with some other partners to organize an official side event at COP26.

It will be on 8 Nov at 1:15 - 14:30 GMT and we will discuss the open burning of waste and its causes to climate and health. 

A wasted opportunity: open burning of waste causes a climate and health calamity
Climate emissions from open burning of waste are double that of aviation but rarely acknowledged, while health impacts are deadly. To eliminate open burning, governments and investors need an agreed methodology to quantify emissions and address it in NDCs. Global leaders will discuss solutions.

Speakers: Diverse voices and views from the waste-health-climate nexus including: ISWA, CCAC, GIZ, UN-Habitat, Engineering X of the Royal Academy of Engineering, WasteAid, IGES, local government representatives from low-income / emerging countries. Gender and geographical balance of the panel will be ensured.

We are delighted to announce that open burning will be raised at COP26.

This is the first time that open burning will be discussed at a high-level forum. If you are attending the conference, please join us for the session which we hope will raise awareness of the issue and the need for urgent global action.