Exchange study tour to Bandung


A study tour to Bandung City was organised by IGES-CCET from 22 – 24 January, 2022. Bandung is one city that has reduced the amount of waste going to the final disposal site through the promotion of waste source separation and organic waste treatment. 

IGES-CCET believes that visiting waste management facilities in Bandung allowed participants from Padang City to fully understand effective waste management operations, especially organic waste treatment, and gave participants good insights into how to improve source separation at the community level. The lessons learned are expected to be reflected in the waste management city action plan in Padang. 

Participants visited a recycle centre, with composting facilities that use the Takakura method and black soldier flies. They also visited and talked to officials in the RWs (unit of community in Indonesia) where community-based source separation has been practised. 

Participants were particularly impressed by the high awareness shown by residents on environmental issues and the importance of source separation, as well as the active collaboration among local government, NGOs and citizens. Participants came to realise that strong commitment and leadership from the local government is very important to make the programme successful. 

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