Launching of City Action Plan on Integrated Solid Waste Management, Padang, Indonesia


On 1 November 2022, Padang City, Indonesia launched its action plan and the baseline report on integrated municipal solid waste management which IGES contributed as a main partner at the 5th IMT-GT Green Cities Mayor Council Meeting (GCMC) in Medan.   

The “Action Plan on Integrated Solid Waste Management in Padang City (2023-2030)” provides a holistic vision, policy directions and actions by introducing sustainable waste and resource management towards making Padang City an environmentally-friendly city in Sumatra Island and Indonesia as a whole. It also helps to establish a local circular economy in Padang City based on the 5Rs: reducing or optimising the use of raw materials from nature (Reduce), reusing materials and products (Reuse), transforming used materials and products into new products (Recycle), recovering used material and products in the form of material and energy (Recovery), and repairing the products for more extended use (Repair).

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