Online Training of Trainers on Ecology Note for Bhutan (23rd -27th January 2021)


“Ecology Note: Towards a Green, Clean and Beautiful Bhutan” was officially launched by the National Environment Commission (NEC), Bhutan on 14th October 2020.

The Ecology Note was developed by NEC in close collaborations with CCET and the Royal Education Council. The Ecology Note is designed to engage students in self-motivated and interactive learning approaches with emphasis on 3R practices (reduce, reuse and recycle) to bring about behavioural change for successful and sustainable waste management in Bhutan.(Ecology Note – Towards a Clean, Green and Beautiful Bhutan | CCET)

The contents of the Ecology Note has been integrated into the science curriculum of classes 4-8 in Bhutan. NEC invited science teachers at 474 schools across the country to participate in the online Training of Trainers workshop on the Ecology Note during 23rd -27th January 2021. Through the science teachers who participated in this training, the Ecology Note will be introduced to other science teachers in the country, and used as a supplemental teaching material on resource and waste management at all schools in Bhutan.