Country and Sub-regional Approach for Sound Waste Management

Development of the Phnom Penh Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan 2018-2035

For long-term sustainability


Like many other fast-growing cities in Asia, Phnom Penh Capital Administration (PPCA) faces a tremendous challenge in managing its waste. In this regard, PPCA and CCET cooperated on the development of a waste management strategy and action plan, based on a holistic approach.


  • The PPCA and CCET have worked with relevant stakeholders to develop a Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan that aims to set the direction for the city’s waste management, and to promote the development of a conducive policy framework. The “Phnom Penh Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan 2018-2035” offers a visionary document and strategic guide to address key issues, needs and challenges associated with the management of waste, whilst raising awareness amongst key stakeholders in achieving a resource efficient and sustainable society.


  • The programmes and approaches contained in this Strategy are intended not only to improve the current waste management services, from waste collection and diversion to final treatment and disposal, but also to ensure that waste management services are made sustainable over the long term, by ensuring secure financing, innovation and continuous improvement through a regular and inclusive management cycle that includes periodic reviews and monitoring.


  • In 2018, CCET also assisted the Phnom Penh Capital Administration and Department of Education, Youth and Sports (DoEYS) in implementing a pilot project for environmental education at two primary schools in Phnom Penh, “Tuol Kok Primary School” and “Sen Sok Primary School”. (Toul Kok primary school has 120 teachers and 2,815 students, and Sen Sok Primary School has 45 teachers and 2,177 students.) Along with the development of the “Ecology Note” environmental education tool at these schools, various activities were conducted, including waste separation, waste audit, composting, and training for teachers, etc.  These outcomes and the Ecology Note were shared with 164 schools in Phnom Penh, as well as all primary schools in Battambang Municipality and Serey Soaphoan Municipality.


- October 2018

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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