Country and Sub-regional Approach for Sound Waste Management

Development of Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan for Mandalay City (2017-2030)

More sustainable waste management practices at the city level


The strategy development aimed to provide a long-term vision and guide for Mandalay City in order to shift from traditional waste management practices to more sustainable waste management practices, including 3Rs, to achieve a resource efficient and zero waste society.


CCET supported the development of a Mandalay City Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan, and it was officially adopted and launched by the Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) at a launch event held on 15 January 2018. The event featured the participation of over 300 representatives, including relevant city government officials of the Mandalay region, citizen organisations, local environmental groups and academia, including women leaders.


As a part of strategy development, MCDC implemented a pilot project with CCET to strengthen the community-based solid waste management system in six pilot areas. The model project aimed to introduce waste separation at the source, a regular waste collection system, integration of the informal sector into waste collection and recycling, and testing of the potential to make compost from market waste.

Responding to a strong request from the Chief Minister of Mandalay Region, the experience and lessons learned from implementation of the pilot project activities in Mandalay City was documented and shared at the regional and national workshops for the purpose of replication.


– December 2017

Project area

Mandalay, Myanmar


Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan for Mandalay City (2017-2030) – English
Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan for Mandalay City (2017-2030)-Burmese
Documentary Video: Addressing Mandalay's Waste Crisis – A Community in Transition