Country and Sub-regional Approach for Sound Waste Management

Making Galle City Plastic Waste Free

Making Galle City Plastic Waste Free


Making Galle City Plastic Waste Free


Activities in School, Hospitality, and Fishery focussing on Marine litter and microplastic pollution in Galle City.   

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Plastic pollution represents one of the most pressing environmental issues facing the planet today. This is largely due to the increasing mass production of single-use plastics (SUPs) including packaging materials and other items that are quickly outpacing the world’s ability to respond. Social, cultural and economic shift in addition to the promotion of technical and scientific innovations are required to address and ultimately prevent plastic pollution. Doing so will necessitate a shift in lifestyle choices and consumption patterns, as well as changes individual actions and behaviours to achieve a society that makes use of fewer plastic products. Despite these achievements, practical application of international and national policies, curricula, learning and practices for promoting ESD have yet to become mainstreamed in Sri Lankan schools.



Project area

Galle City, Sri Lanka