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Phnom Penh Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan (Khmer)

Mao Kol Mardi, Navuth Sam, Kim Vathanak Thida, Keo Channarith, Ran Yagasa, Nodira Akhmedkhodjaeva, Rithy Uch, Phlla Sam, Lara Grosso, Seng Bunrith, D. G. J. Premakumara, Rajeev Kumar Singh, Kazunobu Onogawa, Janya Sang-Arun, Yoshiaki Totoki
Kim Vathanak Thida, Ran Yagasa, Nodira Akhmedkhodjaeva
Phnom Penh Capital Administration
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This is a local language, Khmer version of "Phnom Penh Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan".

Just like in any city, the waste management has always been a major societal issue for Phnom Penh. The monthly amount of disposed waste at the landfill more than doubled in the past decade owing to factors such as population growth, economic growth, changes in industrial structure and of people’s lifestyle. While Phnom Penh Capital Administration has been exerting much effort to organised waste management system, coping with such a dramatic increase has been a challenging task. The collection, transportation, and disposal need to be strengthened, but 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle of waste) and appropriate disposal also need to be promoted through the cooperation of those who produce the waste.

The Phnom Penh Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan 2018-2035 is a guide to Phnom Penh Capital Administration for its effort to improve the current state of waste management, and has been designed to respond to these demands through the programs and actions that are developed under the common vision, mission and goal. The document is a result of more than two years of collective effort and intensive/inclusive discussion by the stakeholders engaged in waste management on a daily basis, from waste management division, relevant departments, Khan and Sangkat administrations, private sector, NGOs, and academia. Also, it is intended to clarify the roles and responsibilities among stakeholders so that each can take tangible actions.