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Waste Management in Myanmar: Current Status, Key Challanges and Recomendations for National and City Waste Management Strategies

Dickella Gamaralalage Jagath Premakumara, Matthew Hengesbaugh, Kazunobu Onogawa and Ohnmar May Tin Hlaing
UN Environment
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This policy report reviews the current status of waste management in Myanmar and confirms that it remains at a preliminary stage, attributed to challenges at both the national and city levels resulting from a range of technical, social, economic and institutional constraints. Accordingly, the overall guidance of this report is the need for Myanmar to develop a national waste management strategy to serve as a principal framework for waste policies and practices across the country; such a strategy should be designed with a view towards supporting city-level strategies and actions, and focus on the piloting and execution of concrete actions led by Township and City Development Committees. In order to ensure that these national and city waste management strategies are implemented in a coordinated, cost-effective and efficient manner, the report concludes by providing a number of policy recommendations.