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Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan for Negombo City, Sri Lanka, 2020–2030 (Sinhala version)

Rajeev Kumar Singh, Dickella Gamaralalage Jagath Premakumara, Kazunobu Onogawa, W.M.D. Lanza, Ruwanthi Fernando,H.A.U.K. Gunarathane,Anurudda Karunarathana, Thilini Rajapaksha, Hemanthi Goonasekera, Subakaran Arumaithurai and Shivantha Goonasekera
Udeni Chularathna, Dickella Gamaralalage Jagath Premakumara, Rajeev Kumar Singh, Miwa Tatsuno, Miki Inoue
Negombo Municipal Council (NMC), Negombo City, Sri Lanka, 2020
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This report is a Sinhala version (one of local languages in Sri Lanka) of "Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan for Negombo City, Sri Lanka, 2020–2030"

The Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan (WMSAP) for Negombo is the outcome of committed team effort of city officials led by the Mayor and Commissioner of the Negombo City. The strategy also received inputs from committee members of Negombo Municipal Council (NMC) which comprised of Finance Committee, Health Committee, Industrial Committee, Sports and Youth Affairs and Communal Development Committee, and stakeholders from relevant ministries, institutions, private sectors, academic institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community groups, civil society organisations (CSOs), and some case study cities from Sri Lanka. WMSAP for Negombo was developed though a consultative process where the suggestions and ideas of all the above stakeholders were considered in drafting and refining the strategy to make it more practical and implementable. The support and guidance received by ministries and institutions namely Ministry of Environment and Wildlife Resources (MoE&WL), Central Environment Authority (CEA), Waste Management Authority-Western Province (WMA-WP), National Solid Waste Management Support Centre (NSWMSC) and Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development (MoMWD) throughout the strategy development process is highly acknowledged. 

WMSAP for Negombo is a visionary document which address the major challenges in the current waste management system in Negombo City and establish a transition towards resource recycling, financially sustainable and environmentally sound waste management system in the city. WMSAP includes a comprehensive list of actions, goals and implementation directives based on the city study and series of workshops and meetings on strategy development. In addition, it also includes short-term, mid-term and long term targets to be achieved during the period of 2020–2022, 2023–2025 and 2026–2030 respectively.